Your story matters. You Talk. I write. Legacy preservation made simple

We all have a story to share

Capturing legacy

My Life Stories helps individuals and families transform their remarkable life stories into personalized memoirs, autobiographies, family history books, oral histories and more. We also write businesses and organisation history books that celebrate strong values, innovation, and longevity

Written for you memoir

We help turn your stories into beautiful books, written in your own voice and illustrated with the photos you love.

Workshops and Classes

Learn how you can start writing your life story two pages at a time. We reduce the overwhelm and empower you to start capturing now.

One off Debrief and Coaching Sessions

Having someone who can support you when engaging in a ‘life review’ means that you can process things safely to ensure your emotional well being.

'Do it yourself' Tips and resources

If you want to try to capture these stories yourself, we have resources available to assist.

Documenting Life stories at every stage

Our Written Memoirs Process

Our goal is to get to know you and your goals, so we can help create a book that will be cherishes by you and future generations.

Goal setting meeting

We meet and learn your goals for this project. Then we make a simple plan to ensure we capture the things that matter to you and your family, during the service and beyond, and what you all want to get out of this experience.


Share your story in a series of guided interviews. we are skilled at listening and know just the right questions to ask.

Writing and Review

We use our research and writing skills to bring together all the stories you share with us and turn them into a book that you’ll be proud to share with others.

Published heirloom book

We put it all together and design and create the layout we have the book printed. You will have a a beautiful, bound memoir that you can proudly display to friends, families and colleagues.

I always wanted to chronicle the family history with my mother. She was always interested. … But I wasn’t forceful, and I didn’t make it happen. That’s one regret I have. I didn’t get as much of the family history as I could have for the kids.”
Robert DeNiro

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