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Hi, I'm Mel

I’ve always been intrigued with people’s stories. The career they picked, the person they married, the experiences they had and direction their life took. Especially kitchen table stories- the traditions, the everyday things that are remembered for years to come , the little things that shape a family. 

For over 10 years, I have worked as a Social Worker in health. It is this experience of working with hundreds of cancer and palliative care patients that sparked my passion in legacy work. I always found it a great privilege that people would share their intimate stories with me.  At the heart of it, we all want to know that we are are memorable and that we mattered.  It was always the most meaningful aspect of my work and I got to see the person from their eyes. 


Today, with My Life Stories, I listen and write to honour and preserve people’s memoirs. I am a qualified and accredited Social Worker and am certified as a Guided Autobiography Instructor by the Birren Center.  I have trained in Dignity Therapy, an  evidenced based therapy where people  are guided in reflecting on their life, leaving legacy documents of important memories and messages for loved ones. I currently live in Adelaide, Australia and provide services worldwide.

If you’re interested in telling your life story, I am here to help.  Whether you want a framework to begin, or a full service where each step is supported,  need someone to listen and help process emotion, or one of our many workshops, you are able to choose what works best for you. 

Together, we’ll create a book for and your family to treasure.

It is a privileged to be the person people share parts of their story with. A glimpse into who they are, not what the ravages of health and age have shown. We are better for knowing the histories and connections that can be made.


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