Want to try to write about your life, but don't know where to start?

These fun online classes are designed to take away the overwhelm of beginning to write about your life. we start with small steps, just two pages at a time Based on the Guided Autobiography Method of Memoir writing, or GAB for short. we help you to recall, write about and share some of the richest, most important parts of our past – the things that have shaped us. We tackle themes like our families, our health, our work. we explore our loves, our fears our joys our challenges and our triumphs. And we do it all in a supportive group.


What is in a Class:

  • The course consists of six two-hour weekly sessions. Meetings include instruction on autobiography, some tools and perspectives to inspire your writing, and time to meet in small groups to read your story and receive feedback.
  • In this first hour participants will have a series of writing prompts, and sensitizing questions to help get the memories flowing and ideas for their story that they will write at home.  We also do two or three creative prompts to help with the recollection of stored memory, and to strengthen our writing skills.
  • We will share our observations, and our stories. Participants will come to each class with a written story or narrative based on the individual themes each week (approx 2 pages). These stories build strong memory of your experience of the week’s theme.
  • You will share a recent story with the other class participants and get gentle feedback, too.
  • Your writing will improve, but GAB is not a typical creative writing class, and no writing experience is necessary. Our focus is content, on the experiences being shared and on getting to the heart of the story.

These classes are special

Being part of a small group is key. Shared memories spark more memories. We learn we are all survivors and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of things that have happened in our lives. There are opportunities for growth, friendship, validation and learning. Great joy and satisfaction can come from sharing stories with others. I help guide, but the group itself is where the real magic lies

'Our lives may feel routine and monotonous, hardly worth writing about. Yet buried in the details of each individual life is unique autobiographical material that has universal human interest. This is true of people at any age and from any background'.

Jim Birren- Centre for Aging

Adelaide in Person- Fridays 6th November

Online- Tuesday 3rd November

Meet your instructor, Mel

Mel is an accredited Social Worker who has worked with hundreds of people who are reflecting on their life’s journey and thinking about legacy. Mel has witnessed the empowering process of legacy work for both the writer and their families  and how priceless writing your story can be.

As a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor  with the Birren institute and trained in Dignity Therapy,  Mel is able to guide you through the process of starting to write your story without the overwhelm.  She currently lives in Adelaide, Australia and provide services worldwide.

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