There is so much emotion

There are so many benefits of recording your life story and reminiscing.  It can help with your sense of worth and the impact you have had in this life and know that your story mattered. When you are taking the time to reflect on your life and aim to record your history and for those around you, you are creating a legacy. For many it is comforting to know that your stories will be heard and read for generations.

However, during this time, it is very common for people to feel overwhelmed with the emotion that this process brings up.  Our life has many ups and downs, joys and trauma.  Undertaking this project, can direct your thoughts to painful experiences, losses in life, situations that you wish were different and thinking about the future, a time when you are no longer alive and it is normal to think about the loss of future plans and connections.

One Off support Sessions: That’s why there is an option to get one on one support from an experienced therapist. Melissah has worked in palliative care and bereavement and has worked with 100s of people facing the end of life and who have reflected on their life and are trying to make sense of it. It is common when people are experiencing a transition in their life , be it facing end of life, relationship change, children, career change, to have feelings of sadness, overwhelm and stress. Having someone who can support you when engaging in a ‘life review’ means that you can process things safely to ensure your emotional well being. We offer one on one sessions with a skilled facilitator who can hold this space with you so that you can process what you are feeling and going through.

Focused: The focus of the session is on your greatest worry, challenge or difficulty, and what you want to achieve from your session. Our aim is for you to leave the session with some ideas or strategies to try out.

Process emotions safely: Provide space to process emotions and find ways to improve their relationships, and manage grief and loss and life changes.

Space to be heard and validated: Provide guidance on writing your life story and support through the process.

Going through a life transition can be emotional. A one off session with an experienced counsellor can help process the feelings and reflect on past experiences. Counselling can help provide strategies to support you through this process. We can help with:

  • Facing end of life
  • Family estrangement
  • Helping with life writing process
  • Managing emotions
  • Carer support
  • Coping with overwhelm
  • Family relationships
  • Trauma

Single session support

Frequently asked questions

How many sessions do I need?

Most people find having one to three sessions helpful in providing that support and debrief they need. People find that one session can assist with a tune up and quickly get strategies that help with managing difficult emotions.

Is this a therapy session?

The frameworks that we use in the sessions are of a counselling nature. These sessions are not recorded and everything discussed is in strictest confidence. We abide by the Australian Social Work code of ethics. The interventions we use include; Narrative therapy, Dignity therapy, brief Acceptance and Commitment therapy and solution focused interventions.

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