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Documenting your life story or your family’s life stories is a significant family milestone. The outcome is a priceless heirloom that will speak to many generations. Our aim is to make this as affordable as possible by basing our packages on the number of interviews as they are the starting point to creating a book.  

In general, expect to pay $1000-1500 for every two hours of interviews. This covers the cost of initial goal setting meeting, guided interviewing, transcribing, editing, digitising and enhancing photos, page design, printing and binding for one book. Since all the time and expense goes into creating the first book, the price for additional books simply covers the printing and binding costs. This also includes copies of the audio recordings if you wish.

Mini memoir services of 2 hours of interviews and focus on special items and memorabilia or on legacy themes– wishes for family or letters are $1000-$1500. Usually around 40 pages  and 20 photographs/images  all in a hard cover beautiful book.

A personal life highlights book is usually created with 6 hours of interviews, so the cost would be $3000- $4500. This is perfect for telling the most important stories and events of your life, or spotlight a certain time period, such as your childhood, foreign travel, or war experiences. Including legacy themes. Expect up to 80 pages and 40-50 photographs in a beautiful hardcover book.

A personal memoir can usually be created with 10 hours of interviews so the cost would be starting at $5000- $7500. You can tell a more complete story of your life in this comprehensive biography and life review memoir. Usually 120 pages and unlimited photos can be used/ shared in heirloom quality hard cover book.

Travel within 100km of Metropolitan Adelaide is included in the price. Often several family members who believe in the importance of preserving their family’s legacy can share the cost.

The most important thing is to start getting the stories and memories down before it’s too late. We can also work within each budget and look at just guided interviewing sessions with the raw audio provided, initial transcribing services etc.

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